Axis Security Dad Hats

Axis Security dad hats are part of a [kit](http://tfactor.com/items/axis-security-kit) that includes three [T-shirts](http://tfactor.com/items/axis-security-t-shirts), three pairs of [socks](http://tfactor.com/items/axis-security-socks), [sliders](http://tfactor.com/items/axis-security-contrast-sliders), and a [water bottle](http://tfactor.com/items/axis-security-water-bottle). The dad hats have a simple design, which makes them accurate and fine. The caps colors and the minimalist design make it fit perfectly with the rest of the kit's products. Visor Length: 7 cm Front Panel Length: 16.5 cm Circumference: 58 cm
Non PVC Print
100% Cotton
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